Terms and Conditions - Memberships

All Members

• Membership cards must be presented on every visit to the Centre. Entry may be refused if a Membership card cannot be presented or is not current.

• Members cannot utilise mobile phones for the purposes of taking photos in any gym areas or change rooms.

• All Members must complete a Pre Exercise Screen before participating in any exercise activity within the Centre.

• Membership commences from the date of purchase and/or Contract signed, unless otherwise approved.

• Memberships are not refundable unless cancellation by medical practitioner advice.

• All Members must be dressed appropriately at all times. This includes appropriate footwear, i.e. joggers. Thongs or sandals of any description will not be permitted entry for safety reasons.

• Members cannot be guaranteed a place in the group exercise classes, as numbers are limited for safety reasons. For safety reasons members will not be allowed entry into classes after the warm up has finished. Members are advised to arrive 10 minutes before the commencement of the class.

• Management reserves the right to adjust the group fitness timetable based on Demand.

• MRRC takes no responsibility for any personal belongings left in lockers or storage areas provided.

• Members are required to remove personal items from change room lockers prior to the end of staffed operating hours.

• Membership is refundable if cancelling within 7 days of joining however the administration fee is not refundable.

• Content shown on the televisions within the facility is in accordance with the Australian Classifications Board. The Australian Classification Board welcomes feedback about its decisions and will respond to all enquiries and complaints.

Direct Debit Memberships

• Fortnightly and P.A.Y.G. memberships abide by separate terms and conditions as detailed in your contract.

• MRRC requires 7 days written notification of any changes to the membership (including cancellations and suspensions) to action these changes.

• DD Memberships have minimum of (3) monthly payments or (6) fortnightly payments before you can cancel this type of membership.

• Memberships continue indefinitely until the member notifies the MRRC to cancel in writing. Cancellation forms are available at reception or via online notification.

Ongoing Agreements – Direct Debit Memberships Only

• The agreement will continue until you or the Margaret River Recreation Centre terminates in the way described in the agreement.

• If an automatic debit arrangement is in place, membership fees will continue to be debited from your credit card or account until you or the Margaret River Recreation Centre cancels the arrangement by notifying your bank or credit provider. If you terminate the agreement or stop the automatic debit arrangement in a manner not described in the agreement, then you may be liable to the Margaret River Recreation Centre for damages for breach of contract.

• I acknowledge that I have received and read the terms and conditions for automatic deduction memberships, the terms of which I agree to observe and be bound by should my application be accepted.

• Please note direct debit memberships are subject to an annual price increase.

On-Hold Periods

• All on-hold applications must be submitted to MRRC 7 days prior to commencement of suspension period in order for MRRC administration staff to process the application.

• MRRC staff cannot backdate on-hold applications. You must submit a separate on-hold application to MRRC for any extensions on current holds or normal pay schedule will recommence once the on-hold period has expired.

• 1 Month Upfront, Casual passes and Promotional offers are not entitled to an on-hold period, as per the terms and conditions when joining.

• MRRC Direct Debit Memberships are entitled to a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum 8 weeks free suspension per calendar year. A admin fee of per fortnight will apply to any extension over these periods to a maximum of 12 weeks at which time full rates will apply. On-Hold fees will be debited from members accounts unless otherwise stated.

• MRRC 12 Month memberships are entitled to a maximum of  4 weeks suspension per membership term (not including medical or moving/working away - evidence required).

• Upfront 1 month & 10 visit pass memberships cannot be suspended.

Cancellation Fee

• Standard DD memberships will incur a cancellation fee if cancelling before the minimum term is completed

• A cancellation fee of $20.00 applies.


Normal operating hours are those hours in which there are staff on duty within the health club.
Gym doors are alarmed. Alarm is activated at gym closure time, please ensure you have vacated the building by closure time.

• Members without membership cards will be refused entry.

• Members who owe outstanding fees will be refused entry and asked to pay outstanding amount during normal operating hours.

• Members seen to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry.

• Members are not permitted to utilise any free or promotional passes outside of normal operating hours.


• Towels must be used on equipment at all times.

• As a courtesy to other members, body deodorant is recommended.

• Members are requested to keep door closed when using shower cubicles.


• As per Fitness Australia standards it is recommended that all males over the age of 35 and females over the age of 45 have a medical assessment including an exercise ECG and cholesterol.

• Always read any exercise advice carefully.

• It is highly recommended that you ask a staff member to guide you into the most suitable class or program.

• Work at a low level on your first visit and concentrate on learning to do the exercise correctly.

• Be sure to limit yourself to a pace where you can still talk comfortably.

• Should you suffer any illness or condition in the future, please tell us so that we may update your files / program and take the opportunity to advise you appropriately.


"I recognise that participation in this activity involves the risk of injury to my person or my property. I acknowledge that whilst I participate I do so at my own risk. I will not hold the Shire of Augusta Margaret River it’s, staff management, members, servants, or agents liable for any personal injury or loss of property that I may suffer whether caused by negligence or omission of any of them. I acknowledge that I have been given the option of choosing a membership based on a fortnightly billing agreement."

I consent to receiving notifications from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River via SMS and/or email (notifications may include closure information and membership promotions).