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Self Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

The self-service kiosk will be released in stages and enables you to skip the queue and tag in. You’ll receive an automatically generated entry docket for group fitness and crèche.

The self-service kiosk is available for all customers who hold a valid membership or pass and are attending or using the gym, group fitness, or crèche. Customers attending a group fitness class must present a valid entry docket to enter the class and to minimise class disruptions late admissions will not be permitted. Entry dockets are also required for each child attending the crèche.

The self-service kiosk is not available for swim entries, however it is the centre’s intention to release more functionalities such as membership renewals in the near future.

How to use…


Group Fitness Entry

Scan your membership tag. Don’t have your tag? Just press the keyboard icon and type your exact membership number and press enter.
Select the fitness class or classes you are attending (early tag in threshold is 2 hours) and press continuePress tag in and take your GROUP FITNESS ENTRY receipt and present it to your group fitness instructor

Gym  Entry

Scan your membership tag as above
Select the applicable Gym Entry option and click Continue
Click Tag In

Crèche Entry

Scan your membership tag as above
Select the Crèche (Visit Pass) and press continue
Please use the + or – buttons to change the number of entry receipts you require
Press tag in and take your CRECHE ENTRY receipt and present it to the crèche staff

Crèche & Group Fitness Entries

Scan your membership tag as above
Select the fitness class you are attending (early tag in threshold is 2 hours) and the Crèche (Visit Pass) and press continue
Please use the + or – buttons to change the number of entry receipts you require
Take your GROUP FITNESS ENTRY and CRECHE ENTRY receipts and present each receipt separately to crèche staff and to your group fitness instructor.

Having trouble?

You might just need to have a token added to your membership or pass. Please see one of our friendly staff members at the front counter for assistance.

Construction of Lower Western Oval - Begins

Local sporting groups will benefit from the additional of a new playing field in the Gloucester Park precinct, with the $1.1m construction project beginning this week.
The project will see the grass paddock at Lower Western Oval, which was previously used as a dog exercise area and overflow parking area, transformed into a grass turf pitch suitable for a range of sporting activities including soccer, hockey and rugby.
Shire Recreation Operation Manager Dylan Brown said the project included ground works, fencing, and lighting to ensure maximum usability throughout the year.
“There has been significant pressure on our sporting ovals for some time now so this additional playing pitch is a huge coup for the community,” he said.
“We are very fortunate to have the space to expand sporting facilities close to the Margaret River town site, and keep sporting locations within walking distance of schools and other key services.”
Residents who previously used the site as a dog exercise area are reminded they will now need to use one of the other 15 dog exercise areas in the Shire, with the closest alternative location being approximately 1.3km away at Georgette Drive Reserve in Margaret River.
Director Sustainable Development Dale Putland said a full review of dog exercise was conducted concurrently to oval construction planning, to enable dog owners to have their say about future exercise areas.
“We received a good level of community feedback on the matter and will be delivering a report to the Council on Wednesday 12 September with some recommendations,” he said.
“We are confident we will be able to manage the needs of both sporting group members and dog owners.”
The sporting oval construction is due for completion by the end of January 2019.  

LWO Construction Progress Pic - January 2019


Changes to Outside School Hours Care Payments

Notice to Families of Change in Payments Provider
In the next few weeks we are changing the company that processes payments for us.
You completed a Direct Debit Authority with our current provider Ezidebit Pty Ltd ACN 096 902 813 (User ID 165969, 303909, 301203, 234040, 234072, 428198) and this has been reassigned to the new company, Debitsuccess Pty Ltd ABN 095 551 581 (User ID 184534), a leading provider of payments services in Australia.  The only change you will notice is that you will see “Debitsuccess” as the company processing your payment on your bank statement or credit card statement in the future.
Debitsuccess will continue to use the payment information you have already provided.  To view the Debitsuccess Privacy policy, please visit www.debitsuccess.com.au/privacy-policy.  You can also contact Debitsuccess at qkclients@debitsuccess.com or on 1800 956 959.
If you use BPay to pay our fees, we need to draw your attention to a change in BPay numbers as part of our transition to a new Payments Provider.
We always provide you correct BPay numbers on your statements.  When we transition this number will change.
If you have saved a BPay Biller Code as part of your Internet banking, you will need to make a change in the code used – when you see the new code on your statement.
If you look at the BPAY details on our statements you have received in the past you will see Biller Code 444075.   After transition to Debitsuccess you will see a new code.
"Ref" (the BPAY CRN) should be the same.
What you need to do: If you have saved the previous Biller Code and BPAY CRN as a "frequent biller" in your Internet banking then you should delete them and use the new details from your statement after you note a change on your statement (Biller Code, BPAY CRN).

Augusta Hydrotherapy Pool OPEN

The Hydrotherapy Pool is now fully renovated and ready for buisness . Please contact Fitness  staff for bookings and further details

Lower Western Oval Project 2018

The redevelopment of Lower Western Oval is the next step in the implementation of the Gloucester Park Sporting Precinct Masterplan. This plan has been adopted by the Shire for the staged development of its principal sporting precinct and in line with the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan 2033 and Corporate Plan 2016-20.

The Lower Western Oval has long been identified as a critical element within the precinct to accommodate growing demand in the sports of soccer and rugby. Current pressures within the precinct are greatest from soccer, with growing numbers and demand for access to full size, quality playing surfaces. Rugby has a range of playing field alternatives but all are compromised by the requirement to share a field with another winter code (causing conflicts with scheduling, line marking and goal post placement); or sharing with cricket, resulting in a less than desirable cricket pitch installation in the middle of the rugby field.

The Shire received a Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund Grant for the Lower Western Oval in January 2017, with a total of $332,207 granted towards the total project cost of $1,154,987. The project will provide:

  • A 130m x 81m east-west orientated field that can provides maximum flexibility for the two sporting codes
  • 1000mm high spectator barrier fence around the perimeter and retaining walls with a higher catchment fence on the corners to address changes in ground level
  • Lighting at 100 lux to accommodate both training and competition for both soccer and rugby
  • Coaches box and shelters
  • Minor road realignment
  • Car parking

Achievements over 2016-17 included completing the feasibility study, concept designs and pursuing funding for development of Lower Western Oval. Construction is anticipated to start in 2018 and be finalised in March 2019. In preparation for the future development, preparatory drainage work was completed in August 2016 on the oval.

Lower Western Oval


[Above: The concept plan for the development of the Lower Western Oval]