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Lower Western Oval Project 2018

The redevelopment of Lower Western Oval is the next step in the implementation of the Gloucester Park Sporting Precinct Masterplan. This plan has been adopted by the Shire for the staged development of its principal sporting precinct and in line with the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan 2033 and Corporate Plan 2016-20.

The Lower Western Oval has long been identified as a critical element within the precinct to accommodate growing demand in the sports of soccer and rugby. Current pressures within the precinct are greatest from soccer, with growing numbers and demand for access to full size, quality playing surfaces. Rugby has a range of playing field alternatives but all are compromised by the requirement to share a field with another winter code (causing conflicts with scheduling, line marking and goal post placement); or sharing with cricket, resulting in a less than desirable cricket pitch installation in the middle of the rugby field.

The Shire received a Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund Grant for the Lower Western Oval in January 2017, with a total of $332,207 granted towards the total project cost of $1,154,987. The project will provide:

  • A 130m x 81m east-west orientated field that can provides maximum flexibility for the two sporting codes
  • 1000mm high spectator barrier fence around the perimeter and retaining walls with a higher catchment fence on the corners to address changes in ground level
  • Lighting at 100 lux to accommodate both training and competition for both soccer and rugby
  • Coaches box and shelters
  • Minor road realignment
  • Car parking

Achievements over 2016-17 included completing the feasibility study, concept designs and pursuing funding for development of Lower Western Oval. Construction is anticipated to start in 2018 and be finalised in March 2019. In preparation for the future development, preparatory drainage work was completed in August 2016 on the oval.

Lower Western Oval


[Above: The concept plan for the development of the Lower Western Oval]