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New Group Fitness Timetable for December!

Our new group fitness timetable starts on Monday 6 December! Look out for the brand new Energise 45 Circuit class on Tuesdays at 9.15am. We've also brought back Yin Yoga on Thursdays at 5.30pm. 

Special Timetable Christmas and New Year 
A friendly reminder that over the festive season there'll be reduced classes. See the timetable here.

Be sure to book ahead to secure your spot at membership.amrshire.wa.gov.au/group

Augusta Gym: Updates

Updates: 19 November 2021

  • Direct debit memberships are now available! Available from $36.20 per month (valid concession), and just $45.25 per month (standard). Discounted FIFO memberships are also available (T's and C's apply). All direct debit memberships are a minimum term of 3 months and continue until cancelled, meaning no more need for membership or access card renewals.

  • The JustIN app is here! Now members can access the gym, change room, and indoor basketball court all through an app on your phone! No more need to carry around your key card. If you would like to have door access on your phone, please follow the following steps:

    • Download the JustIN  justin mobile app  mobile app (available on Android and iOS)

    • Follow the setup instructions on the app (setup your mobile number on the app and authenticate)

    • Contact recreation centre staff on 9780 5657 or recreation@amrshire.wa.gov.au to then issue your door access to your app. Done! You can have door access via the app and physical key card.

  • Gym membership now includes access to the indoor basketball court. Operating hours are 5am - 9pm as per the gym times, however the court is not available when it is booked out. Access is available through the indoor court front door (using your card or app on the Salto card reader). Please contact recreation staff on 9780 5657 if you'd like to double check bookings.

  • Wall fans have been installed in preparation for summer. Signage is currently being made, however, to turn the fans on and off, simply flick the middle switch in the power outlet near the floor below.

  • Please contact recreation centre staff on 9780 5657 or recreation@amrshire.wa.gov.au for more information on any of the above, or to change your existing membership to a direct debit.

Previous updates

As of Friday 1 October, the Augusta Gym will now have a new door system with a new access card.

  • The new door system was installed today (Thursday 30 September 2021). 
  • The new card system takes effect tomorrow Friday 1 October 2021. A technical issue occured, however, the doors are fully operational. Please see the below 2 points for important access information. 
  • If you have collected your card, on your first visit only with your new card, please scan your new card on the Hydrotherapy Door card reader. This will update your card and give access to the Gym and Change Room doors (access to Hydro Pool is not included, this is simply to update your card). 
  • If you have not collected your new card already from the gym, you will no longer have access to the gym with your old card. To gain access, please contact the Margaret River Recreation Centre on 9780 5657 during it's opening hours; staff will remotely open the doors for you, and your new card can be collected from inside. Staff will also be available on site in Augusta Gym; Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, during October (limited availabilty between 8:30am - 1:00pm; please check in hydrotherapy pool between 10:00am - 12:30pm)
  • We have tried our best to consolidate our Augusta member details and provide the new cards to all members. If you have been missed or there is an issue, we apologise for the inconvenience as we transition systems, and are available to assist right away on 9780 5657 to rectify and provide access. 
  • More information on the purchase and renewal of Hydro, SFL, Memberships, and Casual Entries, will be disseminated next week.


More information below...

Access Card

  • These cards also now provide access to the change rooms, and can be programmed to open the indoor court door if you wish to book that space too.
  • These cards have been programmed and are ready for collection at the Augusta Gym desk with your name on your envelope.
  • Sport and Recreation staff will be at the gym Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, increasing to Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri during the month of October.
  • The door changeover is happening Thursday 30th September and we will update members if any technical or teething issues are experienced (the install can only occur day before go live date).
  • Cards that are not collected prior to 1 October will be available for collection from the gym, please see above update note on 30 September. 

What about my old card?

  • After 1 October, please drop your old card into the drop box at the Augusta Gym desk. We will recycle and reuse these cards elsewhere.

Drink Fountain

  • We have a purchased a new ‘no touch’ wall mounted drink fountain for inside the gym
  • This has arrived, and we are currently awaiting the plumbing contractor to install soon

Membership and Entry Purchases Online

These can now be done online at https://membership.amrshire.wa.gov.au/

  • All membership types and single entry visits to Augusta Gym can be purchased online
  • Please call 9780 5657 once purchased to have your card reactivated with the new dates
  • Hydrotherapy, Strength for Life (SFL), Memberships, and Casual Entries can still be purchased at the Augusta Shire Office until Thursday 30 September, however this will be changing to the following as of Friday 1 October:

In person:                   

  1. Augusta Gym (4 days a week during October)
  2. Margaret River Recreation Centre

Over the phone:         

  1. 9780 5657 (Margaret River Recreation Centre)


  1. https://membership.amrshire.wa.gov.au/

New card collection:  

  1. Margaret River Recreation Centre
  2. Augusta Gym (in person, or lock box)

For any questions, please contact Coordinator Recreation Services, Seb Miller on 9780 5626, or Kristi Head, Fitness Supervisor on 9780 5625.

Online Membership Services


Online Membership Services

The recreation centre has now launched its online membership services platform.

Current and new members can now purchase and renew memberships online via our Online Membership Portal. Please note not all membership types are available online. Services include:

  • Purchase memberships and bulk visit passes
  • Book (early tag-in) group fitness classes
  • Update details
  • View court and pool availabilty
  • Manage memberships

How to create an account

  • Please go to our Online Membership Portal,
  • Click Log In
  • Click Create account
  • Input your email address (If you are a current or renewing member, please first ensure with recreation centre staff we have your correct, matching email address on your membership profile to ensure a smooth onboarding). 
  • An email will be sent to your chosen email
  • Follow the email instructions provided to create your password and account
  • Navigate the dashboard for full online services

Recreation staff are available at recreation@amrshire.wa.gov.au or 9780 5657 to assist with account creation and integration.

Courts renewed ahead of basketball season

Local basketballers will have a spring their step this upcoming season with the courts at the Margaret River Recreation Centre set to be renewed next month.

The works, which form part of the centre’s annual maintenance program, include repairing damaged boards as well as sanding and resealing the playing surface.

Shire of Augusta Margaret River Recreation Services Coordinator Seb Miller said it was important to maintain a good quality court surface for both the enjoyment of the game and to reduce the risk of injury.  

“Anyone who has played basketball knows what happens when there are dead spots on the court – it often means bad bounces and jarring for ankles and knees,” he said.

“This ongoing investment into the courts will ensure the community has high quality recreation facilities for years to come.”
The courts will be unavailable from Monday 20 September to Sunday 26 September inclusive while the renewal is underway.
All affected bookings have been notified and any further queries can be directed to recreation@amrshire.wa.gov.au or 97805620.