Little Adventurers (formerly Gym Kids)

The Little Adventurers program is a movement-based learning experience for young children aged 1-4 years and their parents or caregivers.


Please note we are not currently running the Little Adventurer program.


What is Little Adventurers

Formerly Gym Kids, the program is designed for all abilities to allow for self-expression and challenging personal boundaries. The little adventurers are able to explore each theme with younger groups being able to decipher what that challenge is for them, then being guided through options depending on their abilities. The older groups are given different options along the obstacle course to try, to encourage thinking outside-of-the-box and allowing them to find their unique approach to the challenges presented. 

The Little Adventurers program is run on Monday mornings with one 8 week program run each term. Classes are held:

  • 9:30am - 10:00am (1-2 yrs)
  • 10:15am - 10:45am (3-4 yrs)
  • $12 per session, or pay upfront before week 5 and receive 10% off

For more information contact the Margaret River Recreation Centre.

Little Adventurers Programs: Next program Term 3, 2021. Starts 26th July. 

Themed obstacles based on different fundamental skills each week, aiding your little adventurer in their journey of personal challenge. Do they like to balance? Swing on bars? Jump? Here we look at introducing and challenging these skills, and more:

  • 1-2 years allow your child to explore their environment, trying things they wouldn’t normally try with more freedom to test boundaries in a safe and supervised environment, with you by their side. There is no “do this” structure to this session, but an allowance for self-expression and exploration, with challenges added along the way. Allowing your child to find their strengths and try new things.  
  • 3-4 years structure is added to our obstacles, new challenges to try allowing participants to think outside of the box and push their personal abilities. This session is designed to introduce participants to following a process whilst still having fun and trying new skills. 

Little Adventurers Overview

4 challenge themes rotate through twice each term. Every week is set up differently to inspire adventure and re-ignite the desire for challenge:

  • Mixed fundamental skills (basically a mix of the others, plus some more climbing, hand eye coordination, mixing skills together and other skills)
  • Balance
  • Swing and grasp/grip
  • Jumping (spring and landing)

Each term has a different theme (Term 1 was oceanic; Term 2 is Trains, planes and automobiles; Term 3 is prehistoric etc.)