Aqua Inflatables


The Recreation Centre now has 2 Aqua Runs for use for children aged 3-7 and 6-16.

Aqua run inflatables will be programmed by aquatic staff wherever possible, however, if you'd like to book your own private party with an aqua run, please visit our Birthday Party Bookings page. 

Upcoming dates:

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Junior Obstacle Dash


  • Location: Lagoon
  • Age and Use Policy: 3 - 7 years 
  • *Supervision: Minimum 2 lifeguards (one in water). Parent or guardian must supervise children at all times. Children aged 3-4; parent or guardian must be in water along side inflatable while child is using the inflatable. 



  • Location: Lanes 1-4
  • Age and Use Policy: 6 - 16 years. Child must be minimum Stage 5 Water Sense
  • Children under Stage 5 Water Sense, must wear a life jacket. 
  • *Supervision: Minimum 2 lifeguards. Children aged 12 and under, parent or guardian must supervise at all times. 

*Watch Around Water requirements must be adhered to when children are using the inflatable aqua runs. For more details please visit Watch Around Water


Lifeguard Discretion

The Aqua Runs are all about kids having fun, but your childs safety is our first priority. Our lifeguards and duty manager's reserve the right to grant access to the aqua run at their discretion outside the above minimum requirement levels. 

Children may also be required to wear a provided life jacket; if they don't meet one of the age and use policies, or if deemed necessary at the lifeguard and duty manager's discretion.